Welcome to Aurora gaming networks

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Our Minecraft Servers

We host our own modded Minecraft servers for our community members, currently running the ATM 8 and ATM 9 modpacks on Minecraft 1.19.2 and 1.20.1.

We have been hosting Minecraft servers since April 2022. Servers are running 24/7 on our dedicated serverbox located in Sweden.

Updated server information and rules can be found on our Discord server under the Minecraft server tab.


Satisfactory is a factory building and exploration game where you build the factory you crave as you wish.
With a slight dash of conveyor and power grid madness, our servers have been running since June 2022 and have come quite some way.

Currently, Satisfactory does not support mods on multiplayer servers, so this server is all original.
The server is hosted on our server box located in Sweden and is running 24/7.

Server information and rules can be found on our Discord under the Satisfactory tab.

Farming Simulator 22

Can’t afford a multimillion farm? No worries, you can always live out your farming dreams in Farming Simulator.
Here, you can team up with friends or neighbors and run your farm!

We host a modded server running 24/7 on our box located in Sweden.

Server information can be found on our Discord under the Farming Simulator 22 tab.
Current mod list and map can be found in-game.

7 Days to die

Zombie survival sandbox party coming in!
Our server is a vanilla server for our community members

Carrier command 2

Want to command and captain a aircraft carrier and counqer the seas then hop on our PvP / PvE server and do just that!

Our server have a few basic quality of life mods that dont make a big change the game dynamics to keep a fun play!

Current server info can be found in our discord under the Carrier Command 2 tab.

other games

We also play alot of other games, so if you want to play something else just hop on and ask in our chat for people to play with!

Have your own idea?

If you want to play with us but don’t see your preferred game here?
Drop us a suggestion!

We are always open to the ideas of our members who want to contribute to the team!

If you wish to speak with the staff team feel free to open a ticket in our discord!



Aurora Gaming Networks is a gaming community that host our own servers for our members.
We always try to have a fun and welcoming enviroment to play games or hang out with others in.


Idéa Started


Community Launched


Game Servers Running


Community Members


All gameservers hosted by us are hosted on our own hardware.
Our website is hosted at a company to make redundancy easier.

850W GOLD 80+

Geforce GT 730 2GB

2x Intel Xeon E5-2699 v3

5x 32GB DDR4 ECC RAM 2666mhz

1x SSD 1TB M.2

X99 Chipset dual CPU motherboard


We are currently expanding our projects as we go you will be able to read more about them here later!

staff team

Our staff team manage day to day operations and moderate our platforms.

The main goal of our staff team is to manage and moderate our platforms and servers to make them user friendly for our members to use.